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This service is for foreigners only. For Koreans, please visit www.ipcpart.co.kr. (외국인 전용 서비스 입니다. 한국인은 www.ipcpart.co.kr를 이용해 주십시요. 이 사이트는 페이팔 결제만을 이용하므로 결제가 지원되지 않습니다.)


NOTE : Please read the below carefully before you place order.     


Please check your items carefully. Any changes require the re-order process, and there will be additional refund charge for the changes. Please check your shipping address and phone number for delivery. If you enter wrong address, there will be additional shipping and handling cost.     

▶ Payment

- We would like to welcome your PayPal payment only.
- Please contact ipcpark@jecs.co.kr for TT payment.

▶ Shipping


- Shipping from : Seoul, Korea, South / Shipping to : Worldwide
- Excludes : Africa, Central America and Caribbean, South America


Your order will be dispatched within 7 days
International orders are shipped via Fedex, DHL or EMS which can take approximately 3-21 days for delivery after dispatch. Please type the valid email address and phone number for delivery notice. If your location is extended area, there might be additional surcharge for shipping.     

▶ Return policy


- After receiving the item, contact seller within 14 days ( Contact e-mail : ipcpark@jecs.co.kr )
- Return shipping : Buyer pays return shipping

▶ Etc.


Our price does not include taxes, tariffs, brokerage fee and any related charges. Customers outside of the South Korea may be subject to customs fees and/or import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country; you should contact your local customs office or tax authority for information specific to your situation. Additionally when ordering from this website, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. JECS Company Inc. will not be held responsible for international orders that never make it past your countries customs office. Please check with your customs office before placing your order. No refund will be given for items that are seized by your local custom\'s agents. If the customer refuses to pay these extra charges, the return shipping and any additional fees will be taken out of the cost of the order with any remaining funds being refunded to the customer. In the event that the extra charges exceed the value of the order, we may charge those amounts to the credit card originally used for the order.     


Please note that its specifications and design are subject to change without notice and it may include Beta and Pre-Release software and as such not designed for end-users. Wireless devices\' RF performance might not meet standard level.     

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